Yoga Coaching and Counselling

Yoga Coaching and Counseling 1on1 via Zoom

No matter if you just want to create/maintain a daily routine, need open questions about Yoga/Meditation/Buddhism/Mindfulness practices answered or just want someone else to talk to, I am here for you.

We all experience unique struggles in this special situation and at times it is hard to stay positive and motivated. Let me help you helping yourself.

My 1on1 sessions are all about you. If you wish, they include:

  • Physical Yoga Aspects, such as detailed alignment in Asana (posture) as well as Pranayama (breathing technique) which we analyse and adapt for your very personal needs


  • Mental Practices varying from simple focus strategies to deep analytical meditation processes dealing with any issues you are intersted in.

If you book the 5session package we will create a course-like development towards a variety of short routines you can continue to use day by day.


Appointments can be booked by EMAIL (preferred) or WhatsApp. Please send a short description of your situation and Yoga experience so far.

Online Group Class

Invite your familiy, friends or colleagues to enjoy a personalised group class based on the needs of the participants.

You're looking for a fun thing to do with your best friends, combined with the benefits of Yoga? Did your colleagues tell you they miss spending time together outside the workspace? Or have you finally convinced your partner to try Yoga but don't know which style might suit the both of you? Wonderful!

My Yoga teacher trainings included various styles from Hatha Sivananda over Ashtanga Vinyasa and Yin Yoga to Kundalini Yoga, I have tried many more and have studied the different philosophies in depth. Each style has unique advantages and challenges that can be adapted to the group and the space. And this is exactly how I design my classes: according to the needs of the group and the preferences of the rooms. This can be calm with focus on deep relaxation and stretching or dynamic, energizing, sometimes oriented towards body regions, sometimes leading to advanced poses, sometimes all of this in one single class.

Your session can be booked by EMAIL (preferred) or WhatsApp. Please send a short description of the participant's Yoga experience so far, as well as group size and any special requests regarding the emphasis of the class.